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Why you should work at GemAge

Serve multiple brands at once

As a talent at GemAge, you can work with many local brand owners at the same time, expanding your portfolio and gaining experience in different areas of the industry.

The perfect balance between artisan and tech

At GemAge, we recognize the importance of maintaining the artisan mindset in the creation of aesthetic lifestyle products, while also embracing the power of technology to enhance our work. We strive to maintain the perfect balance between these two mindsets, providing our talents with the best tools and resources to create exceptional content while maintaining the human touch that makes our work unique.

Access to a diverse network of clients

Our platform provides exposure to a variety of brands and industries, giving you the opportunity to work with clients from different backgrounds and create a wider range of content.

Flexibility and freedom

At GemAge, you can work on your own terms and manage your schedule according to your needs. This means that you have the flexibility to pursue other interests and projects while still earning a steady income.

Career growth and development

Our team provides training and support to help you improve your skills and develop your career. You will have access to a network of experienced professionals who can mentor you and help you grow in your craft.

Opportunity for brand ownership

At GemAge, we believe in supporting the growth and success of our talents. After working with us for two years or accumulating enough skills in creating a specific type of lifestyle product, you may be eligible for our brand ownership program. This program provides funding and support to help you launch and run your own brand, giving you the opportunity to take your skills and experience to the next level.

Collaborative and supportive community

Joining GemAge means joining a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about their craft. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other talents, share knowledge and ideas, and receive support and feedback from our team.