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Meet The Executives

We're a dynamic and innovative team based in Hanoi, HCMC and NYC with an unrelenting passion for revolutionizing the way people work and use their talents to showcase Vietnam to the world. We have a strong commitment to helping brand owners and talents fulfill their highest potential. Our mission is to make sure that everyone can realize their goals and find purpose in their work.

“Nhan was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Han NguyenFounder of A SET SOREI
CEO, Founder

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan, the founder of GemAge, is a professional digital product manager and a champion for empowering solo artists and designers. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Nhan has developed a keen eye for creating aesthetic lifestyle products that capture the imagination and inspire audiences.

He is driven by a deep-seated desire to help solo artists and designers succeed, and has dedicated himself to creating opportunities for them to grow and develop their skills. He has founded other startups and initiatives that aim to democratize digital skills and provide resources for artists and designers who want to take their work to the next level.

As the founder of GemAge, Nhan brings this same passion and commitment to collaboration and community building. He sees GemAge as a platform for local brand owners and talents to come together, share ideas, and create beautiful and inspiring lifestyle products. And as a sibling and friend to all founders that work with GemAge, he has fostered a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

Talent Solutions

Hanh Nguyen

As a multidisciplinary talent with a passion for creativity and innovation, Hanh brings a unique perspective to her work at GemAge. Currently, she is in charge of talent solutions at GemAge, including matching talents with the right brands and providing resources and support for their growth and development. Her role is critical to ensuring that GemAge has the right team in place to create exceptional aesthetic lifestyle products that meet the needs of local brand owners.

Hanh’s commitment to collaboration and community building is evident in the way she approaches her work at GemAge. She is always looking for ways to connect with others, share ideas, and promote innovation within the industry. And as a key member of Nhan’s other startup, she is dedicated to creating opportunities for solo artists and designers to develop their skills and achieve their full potential.

With Hanh on the team, GemAge is well-positioned for continued growth and success. Her expertise in talent solutions, coupled with her passion for creativity and innovation, make her an invaluable asset to the company. And her commitment to collaboration and community building is sure to inspire others to come together, share ideas, and create beautiful and inspiring lifestyle products.

Revenue Optimization

Dong Nguyen

Đông is a highly skilled and experienced professional who holds a key position within GemAge, overseeing Revenue Optimization for the company’s various brands. With a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, Đông is adept at developing and implementing strategic plans to maximize revenue generation and drive business growth. His passion for data-driven decision making, combined with his extensive knowledge of sales and marketing strategies, makes him a valuable asset to the GemAge team.
As the person in charge of Revenue Optimization, Đông plays a critical role in identifying and capitalizing on new revenue opportunities, analyzing sales data, and implementing effective pricing strategies. He collaborates closely with other members of the GemAge leadership team, as well as Brand Owners and Talents, to ensure that revenue goals are met or exceeded. Đông is known for his strategic mindset, innovative approach to problem solving, and ability to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.
With his in-depth expertise in revenue optimization and keen business acumen, Đông is committed to driving revenue growth and profitability for GemAge brands. His results-oriented approach and strong leadership skills make him a trusted leader in revenue optimization strategies, enabling GemAge to achieve sustainable business success in a dynamic and competitive market.

Tung Pham

Tung is a founding partner of GemAge and has been a supporter of the company since its inception. Based in New York City, Tung is responsible for helping to globalize GemAge’s brands and expand their reach to new markets. With his deep understanding of the global art and design scene and his extensive network of contacts, Tung is able to connect GemAge’s brands with new opportunities and help them to grow their businesses internationally. His commitment to innovation and his passion for supporting local artists and designers make him a valuable asset to the GemAge team.



Mike is a founding partner of GemAge and a respected entrepreneur in the fashion industry. He is the creator of “The Mike Style”, a bespoke tailor brand for men that has gained a reputation for its quality and style. With his wealth of experience in branding, marketing, and storytelling, Mike brings a unique perspective to GemAge, helping the company to create compelling brand stories that connect with customers on a deeper level. He also provides valuable market insights and strategic advice, helping GemAge to grow and scale its operations. With his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creativity, Mike is a key driver of GemAge’s success and an inspiration to the team.

A Home to Adorable Talents

GemAge is a community of talents, and we are committed to helping you overcome the challenges of finding high-quality work that aligns with your passions, as well as dealing with the administrative tasks and fees that come with it. Let us handle the details so that you can get back to doing what you love most.


Do everything with passion, or not at all.

Passion drives us to creative endeavours and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.


Make any moment an opportunity to help.

We heed the call for help and answer it swiftly and with care.


Be someone with vision even when you don’t see things clearly.

We are driven by an ambitious and free spirit, striving for a better and brighter future.