Fun handcrafted jewelry made with clay, based in Saigon and proudly supported by GemAge since 2023.

The Story

Among the types of jewelry and accessories, earrings are the closest to the face, they are the most noticeable and can create various emotions, personalities, and transformations for the wearer. Clayah is a brand that creates interesting earrings, founded and solely made by Hue, a full-time designer based in Saigon. Regarding the brand name, Clayah is a clever wordplay: "Clay" - the material of the earrings and "ah" - an exclamation when we receive surprises, joys, or moments of discovering something interesting. Clayah uses polymer clay - a recycled material, which has many outstanding advantages after being baked. Each pair of Clayah earrings is meticulously designed and handcrafted. Clayah designs aim for youthfulness, elegance, and just the right level of impressiveness, with a focus on practicality. Clayah values the creativity and craftsmanship of handmade products over industrial production, in addition to their environmental objectives.

“As a solo maker, I have found great value in the cleverness and resourcefulness of the GemAge team.”

Hue NguyenFounder of Clayah!